Thursday, December 22, 2011

Trying something new

Hello Again, So i have a quick simple update about my niecey poo Mia!

So as we've seen in my last post Mia likes to sign herself up for lots of different things. We;; Most rescently she entered herself in a casting call for disney i believe! She's really shy sometimes but she has very good speech and when it comes to reading lines she's brilliant at it.

Well She had an audition this past Saturday! We were so excited for her - she was taken by her mom and we gave her lots of tips on what to do and say!

At her reading, she couldn't remember all the lines, she was really good when they helped her remember a few words but for her 1st time putting herself out there she did pretty well. Good enough that she had a call back. Unfortunately it was right when she was headed out of town and they wanted oodles of dollars to start and it was not doable that that time. Well there are other opportunities but I'm proud of her for putting herself out there and trying new things!  

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dec 14th

Hello Everybody - If you're  not familiar with this date then shame on you - Its Vania's Birthday!

My little sister had another birthday! I know we just had Vereene's about 2 weeks ago but that's how birthdays run around here!  Well since we're on our Recipe for life my sister didn't have any cake for her birthdate... Sad i know but its only to benefit her in the long run. Well I decided to put a lot of thought into a gift to get for her! It might be the simplest gift but it comes with a lot of thought!

Well I know my little sister likes Jewelry - rings, bracelets, earrings, chains! She has a good amount of them so I decided to drive by the jewelry store and get her a nice stand/holder for her jewelry. I also bought a charm bracelet, a pair of earrings and a ring for her stand as well!

I thought it was really neat and something that she'll actually utilize. Well she gasped like there was no air left in the room! She thought she wasn't getting anything for her b-date. I heard her say OMG like a million times! She didn't know i was home - ha ha, but she really liked it and that's what's important. Of course we're going out this weekend for her b-date to celebrate!

Family Talent

Hello Family, Brr its cold out there!

So its December as we all know and we have a few updates to share with you all!

Up first its Miya! Recently she had a parent observation at her dance class. Miya has been taking lessons for a few months at Encore Dance in out town. She's been learning jazz for some months now and so we were invited to watch and see her progress! She does have an upcoming recital next year so we'll be sure to update you then.

Guess who else had a school event, that's right 'Rai did as well - the very next day. Her school put on a holiday program and all the age group went up to perform. Although most of the 1yr olds did go up there and cry, it was still cute just to watch. 'Rai enjoys singing and dancing! I have a great video that i can show you guys of her... that is soon to come!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Guess who?

Hello Everyone! Look who we have here... again it's Sa'Rai! My Little niece is growing up. She is less than a year and half but she's growing rather quickly; Responding when you speak to her and saying full sentences (that we don't understand).
On thing she's pretty good at is technology and using all the gadgets that she has around her. Every cell phone in sight, you can use it one time in front of her and she remember exactly how to use it. Its amazing how kids learn. Well here are some pictures of Rai copying her aunti... Me! Usually every day Rai whould come home and take a gander at the piano and she's getting much better at it! Once she's 3 we should be able to teach her to play a scale.

Living Right!

Hey there Family!

Today I wanted to post an update of the family's healthy living choices! We've recently embarked on a new journey to take care of our bodies and eat healthy. We have not necessarily eaten too bad but now we're taking it up a knotch.

Our choices to make sure we're "Living right" includes Organic fruits and vegetables. For my family that can become a little costly because of the number of people we have but as i've explained to my mother. We're choosing quality foods that help us live longer, than the amount of junk that is accessible for a cheaper price which will cause diseases and eventually death.

Our goal is long life if God! So taking care of our Temple is very important. I've posted some pictures of some recipes we're recently tried on my hair blog . The newest pictures I have were of our recently shopping trip to our local farmes grocer, Market Street. We usually wouldn't eat processed foods but just as long as it is natural and mainly organic we will try it (within our dietary restrictions).

Shopping pictures!!!

If you notice us looking at the products we are reading to make sure they are all Organic, wheat free, gluten free, sugar free! They are basically raw products - Live foods are the best for you!

Oh boy I sound like i'm going to get addicted to this like my hair stuff!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Vereene's B day

Another Nov Update for the record! She's here in the house while i'm adding this. She doesn't even know we have her gift and i'm going to be posting pics of it right now LOL.

Although we haven't had a celebration as of yet i just wanted to make this post before the month was out. But here are some sneak peeks of her gift. We don't really have anything planned other than cake and her fav food pizza.

She wanted a nook for her b-day so thats what we got her! She received some other gifts as well from her kids as her school!

I'll be back with updates as to what we actually did!

Happy Birthday Vereene!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The results

Ladies and Gentlemen - We have a winner!!!

Its another great win here in our family. My brother won his first professional fight! And left some damage as well! It was an Amazing KO - in the second round!

Bro. says "Its OK to have Butterflies, just as long as you can get them to fly in formation!"

He obviously got them in order when it was ready to fight and came home with the victory!

Souvenir - notice the blood?

Congratulations!!! We were all super excited - Now is time to celebrate!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Here we go again!!!

Guess which Dominion warrior has another fight tomorrow?! Yes my Brother Vaughn is up for a Professional fight this weekend again! Its great that I can record these moments in his life - when he's fighting in UFC I'm going to send him this link so we can reminisce!

There is a link on Facebook for Dominion Warrior Tri combat!

I can't WAIT!!!!  I'll be back with the results from the Fight.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

School days

Just wanted to take some time to show pics of our little school girls! Rai is growing up really big and has a whole lot to say for someone whoes only been alive for 14 months. We're working on potty training her right now.

Also Mia has joined a Jazz Dance class - If she's going to continue to sign herself up in pagents then a talent would come in handy!

In other news, I have been attending Zumba classes at the gym to lose a few lbs and have fun while doing so. We're having a weight loss challenge at my house so I think this will push me over the edge a bit!

Family Bliss!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Did you say Pagent?!

Hello Fall Skies! Well we had another event here in September. My niece miah decided to sign herself up for her schools pagent! Yes, our little tomboy is getting all perr-ti-fied  for a Pagent.
I wasn't able to go but her Mom and other Aunts were able to attend. Miah was a bit rough around the edges compared to the other little girls. She answered her questions intelligently as always but she did not win. Overall it was a great experience -I'm glad she had the opportunity to do it. Maybe we might just put her back into Karate though LOL!
Family Bliss!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick Hello

Well someone wanted to say "Hello to the world". It's my daughter Sophia! LOL!!

We were taking pictures and she was jumping up on me!

*Quick Update* I'm rethinking my stance on moving! I know I am able to take care of myself financially but is it necessary? hmmm

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall News and updates

Well Its September and lots are going on right now. Well we had a hectic beginning of the month with a few struggles here and there but we ALL have some sort of struggle in our life time and this just happened to be one of them.

In other news - I have decided to move out of my moms house and into an apartment for myself. I know it is a big move for me and its nothing that i've ever done before but its needed. Its my turn to tackle the world and i'm starting now! I'm still in school. Still working full time and plan to graduate next summer to move onto bigger and better things.

I am very excited about the move and have a lot of support from my associates. I guess this little bird is leaving the nest! I will have to leave behind my beloved puppy Sophie and my Palatino piano! I will be back for them though!

In additional news- My brother is officially a college student and he is working very hard in school and training. *PAT ON THE BACK*

Well thats it for Septembers updates! Its back to the rolling cycle of LIFE!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Banquet Time

The family just enjoyed a great Banquet event in appreciation of our Pastor. WE had a great time but we are all most definitely sleep deprived. Here are a few pics from the banquet!

The performances were great and exciting and so touching!!! Next year is going to be great as well! Wonder who's going to be our family guest this year. Last year was our auntie Joan and this year was davina! YAY for family.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21.59 Hours!

This weekend my family from North Carolina decided to drive into town to visit. After 21 long hours they finally made it with excited and ready to have fun.

So when the family get together of course you know we have to have fun!!! Granny, Aunti, Sister, Cousin, Niece, mother, daughter alike, we hit a great outlet mall here in an TX. Grapevine Mills Mall. When you have 9 women together with a male who is willing to whole the bags LOL... thats a recipe for disaster. Just envision the major jewelry haul we went on!

Well after a long day of shopping we went to have a great lunch at Golden Corral. Our waitor was very handsome man with a nice smile that is willing to serve. Well my granny served him up such an entertaining conversation and he couldn't help but blush! She was auctioning off her granddaughters to this handsome waitor. We all sat there laughing and of course come to find out he's just about 40 yrs old ha ha ha ! ! That was interesting.

Here was one of our activities that we enjoyed doing here together!!

Texas is a super hot state and so what better way cool down than a dip in the pool. On their final day we took to the pool. Myself and Davina took the kids and the boys to the pool for a cool dip. Check em out!

Alright That was our weekend with the family!!! I enjoyed the time. Sorry for the lack up pics but i was too buy having fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Fun

This Summer we've had lots of new things happening. Rai Rai has been attending daycare. Last week she had a "RETRO" theme week at school. She was super cute!

We Also went roller skating with my cousin Davina. Shaquan is pretty good on the skates and Miyah just had a ball of fun but for Davinas first time was a doosey lol!!! I on the other hand just glided like a gazel across the open floor.

We had fun and thats all that mattered!