Saturday, July 16, 2011

July 15th

Hello Family, so i wanted to make sure this was noted on record because this is a big deal for me. so as everyone knows i have another hair blog that I created and i'm all for natural hair and talking about it. Well recently joined and became a memeber of Natural Hair Community.

Well I saw on their site that they were looking for people to write articles for them and I saw another request for freelance writers at naturally curly and I thought to myself, "I could probably write for them?"

Naturall Curly is offering $25 per 500 words but I don't know ... I mean who can sit there and write $500 words about HAIR? So i decided to write for Natural Hair Community. I submitted my first article earlier this week and I just happened to be featured TODAY on their website. I am so excited. I messaged everyone i knew!

I think I did pretty well for a novice. My plan - to use my experience writing for Natural Hair Community and then move on to freelancing for $$ at Naturally Curly to show my experience.

Click on the Natural Hair community link to check out my article.

July 9th USMTA

My dad just left on the 5th ... on that friday my little brother went out of town to Oklahoma. Its a short 4hr drive away. No big deal !

Well as some may know my brother trains in MMA - Muay Thai. Our family is a big supporter of our Bro, taking him to training and to his fights. So we're like his # 1 fans.

On the 9th he had a fight in OK. He won his first fight and made it to the Last round. This fight he went 3 rounds with his competitor and landed a leg kick across his face and K.O !!

So in the end my brother was the Title winner and We're super excited. This is his second belt and we're glad he's fulfilling his goals!

Congratulations Vaughn!
Victorious Bliss

July 4th

Happy Independance day! Ok WAIT... Scratch that. Happy Birthday Daddy!

Today we're actually going to celebrate my dad's birthday. He lives in the Caribbean Islands but he was here for his brithday. We had no idea what to do for his birthday. My mom mentioned he wanted a lap top for his b-day so that was the mission.
  1.  Find out which one he wants
  2. Sneak to purchase the laptop  -- TOTAL failure
My dad came to us and said I want to go to best buy to get a laptop can you take me to the store! Jaw-dropping... Ok aborted that mission right away.

New Mission
  1. Invite friends and family over for BBQ at the house -- A HOT MESS
  2. Get a gift card for Dad 
 It was over 100 deg here in Texas and there was no way anyone was going outside to BBQ. Mission Fail !!

Next Plan
  1. Get whole family together (nearly impossible)
  2. Take dad to Cheesecake factory
  3. Get gift card to Home depot
Finally our plan was under way and we were near success.

Arrived at cheesecake factory - "Yes a table for 11 please" HA HA you should have seen her face!

We had a great time ... good food ... family ... friends. What else could you ask for!?


So we gave dad his gift card but what surprised him the most was when the waitors all came together and announced to the restaraunt that it was his birthday and they all sang for him ... wrote his name in chocolate on the plate and brought him a chocolate moose cheesecake ! YUMMMMM

Love this family
Family Bliss

Sunday, July 10, 2011

June - Hello Cello

Yes that is right... A cello... guess who? Vania!

This month Vania had a Cello recital. She's been taking lessons since december of last year so roughly 6 months. She's always wanted to play cello and so with the gifted opportunity it was time for her to shine!

At her recital she played "Mary had a little lamb" and "New World Symphony". She was actually the only cellist and in our family.

We're looking forward to the new advances and more performances.

Happy Living
Family bliss

Saturday, July 9, 2011

June- Study Buddy

Over the summer Vereene and I decided to take a summer class together. Lets just say we got to work on our Chemistry... Yep the science between our relationship!

In between our already hectic schedules we somehow managed to incorporate a college science course that we both needed. I decided why not get it over with and take it in the summer, Vereene said she would join so here we Go. One month, 30 nights, countless hours and lack of sleep... and boy let me tell you... we were never without our text book.

At a church picnic with books and Calculator at hand

The hardest part about the class - Stoiciometry [ugh what a drag] ... the most fun - poising the water system of the town LOL!! Hey all i can say is that it wasn't me!

Although we wore the dorkiest goggles and longest skirts to prevent accidents we met some really great people in class that didn't mind how we looked!

Although it was hard, again I Say... it was hard especially if you work full time like us (we are 5 & 6 am waker-uppers), taking a 6-11 pm chemistry class every night is not for weak at heart but you do what you must to accomplish your goals.

We haven't gotten our grades yet but we'll keep you posted on your progress.

Stay Happy and enjoy
Family Bliss

Thursday, July 7, 2011

June 17th It’s Rai’s Birthday!

My niece is officially one this year. She’s a cutie pie… trust me she is the NEXT Generation Gerber baby. We had a small family birthday because chances are she will never remember this and blogging about it is the only memory we might have of it. Also my dad was still here and we had a friend over and that's it for the guest list!

Theme- BackYard Splash!

Happy Birthday Rai. We love you!

IMG_1511 IMG_1510 IMG_1518

 IMG_1520 IMG_1529
IMG_1526 IMG_1524

The Grill Master- Shaq!

Its time for cake and gifts!!
IMG_1541 IMG_1539
IMG_1544  IMG_1545

Is that a tutu?

IMG_1553 IMG_1552


Alright until our next event… thats it!!

Family Bliss

June 4th… Graduation Day

This day was the graduation of my little brother Vaughn. He is the last of 5 and the only boy and the baby of the bunch has blossomed. My lil brother is now 18 and ready to be plunged into the world of bills, taxes and responsibility. He’s graduating from Little Elm High School–home of the Lobos! He’s the 4th  Govia to graduate from this school in our family.
His graduation was nice and simple. We had my Dad fly in from the VI to visit and my uncle form NY, who has been to All of our graduation at LEHS, came as well. Lets get on with the pictures.

Here are some of his friends !

Dinner, Gifts and FUN!


We had a great time for his graduation celebration.
Family bliss


Well hello Everyone. Its me Valarie!

I decided i wanted to create a blog about my familys' "up to's". I used to think my family was boring and we never did anything but one month I stopped to look at our monthly activities. Let me tell you it was a Parade of a month! We had birthdays, holidays, traveling, family visiting, picnics and the list goes on. Well none of this was being recorded except for a few pics here and there so I said...hmm why not create a blog of everything that goes on monthly. That is exactly what I am doing. I'm going to start from last month June and head into this month July. We're only about 7 days into the month and we've missed a LOT. So lets get on with it shall we?!