Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Banquet Time

The family just enjoyed a great Banquet event in appreciation of our Pastor. WE had a great time but we are all most definitely sleep deprived. Here are a few pics from the banquet!

The performances were great and exciting and so touching!!! Next year is going to be great as well! Wonder who's going to be our family guest this year. Last year was our auntie Joan and this year was davina! YAY for family.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

21.59 Hours!

This weekend my family from North Carolina decided to drive into town to visit. After 21 long hours they finally made it with excited and ready to have fun.

So when the family get together of course you know we have to have fun!!! Granny, Aunti, Sister, Cousin, Niece, mother, daughter alike, we hit a great outlet mall here in an TX. Grapevine Mills Mall. When you have 9 women together with a male who is willing to whole the bags LOL... thats a recipe for disaster. Just envision the major jewelry haul we went on!

Well after a long day of shopping we went to have a great lunch at Golden Corral. Our waitor was very handsome man with a nice smile that is willing to serve. Well my granny served him up such an entertaining conversation and he couldn't help but blush! She was auctioning off her granddaughters to this handsome waitor. We all sat there laughing and of course come to find out he's just about 40 yrs old ha ha ha ! ! That was interesting.

Here was one of our activities that we enjoyed doing here together!!

Texas is a super hot state and so what better way cool down than a dip in the pool. On their final day we took to the pool. Myself and Davina took the kids and the boys to the pool for a cool dip. Check em out!

Alright That was our weekend with the family!!! I enjoyed the time. Sorry for the lack up pics but i was too buy having fun.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer Fun

This Summer we've had lots of new things happening. Rai Rai has been attending daycare. Last week she had a "RETRO" theme week at school. She was super cute!

We Also went roller skating with my cousin Davina. Shaquan is pretty good on the skates and Miyah just had a ball of fun but for Davinas first time was a doosey lol!!! I on the other hand just glided like a gazel across the open floor.

We had fun and thats all that mattered!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fantabulous Week 7/20

Last weekend the girls of the family, except Mom, went to Washington DC for a family members wedding. Now we've never met this person before but this is what i knew. Someone was getting married and I want to get out of Texas!

No but really, My grandmas sister - Auntie Chris' son was getting married and my mom and oldest sis were invited so we were like HEY what abt the rest of us. 3 tickets later and we're headed to Dc.

Vereene, Vania and I went up a couple days earlier just to relax and explore Washington. Although it was Hot AS EVER!.. We still took a tour on a open top bus.

The only pic i have from the wedding :(
 After the wedding - Which was really nice and simple and fun! We headed over to NY. Ok here's the backdrop on that. I told my uncle that we were going to DC for the wedding. He suggested that my sisters and I take a train up to NY and just hang out with him for the weekend. Ok wow who would pass up that offer.

So we left the wedding a bit early (11pm) and headed to our room to get ready for out 3am train ride to NY. Now we've never seen a train station or been on their train so hey why not add a new experience to our list! We took a cab to the station, walked around aimlessly for a bit and finally got out tickets and hopped on the train headed to NY.

On the way, I slept uncomfortably in a chair next to a total stranger, I froze my butt off because it was SO cold... For my sisters it wasn't but I'm Anemic so I don't like temps below 79. I borrowed my sisters sweater, covered my head & arms, and clenched my jaw until we arrived.

But before we did arrive we had a sudden stop on the Train, Everything was shut down and now we were sitting in the warm train for an HR! It wasn't hot to me but to my sisters it was HA HA! This unfortunate delay was due to a Deer - that was hit by the train and caused a slight hose damage.

Finally arriving in NY, I was terrible uncomfortable being underground and around so much dirt. Got to the surface and it wasn't much cleaner ha ha... But it was time for fun. We met out uncle and went to his Manhattan apartment, changed and headed out to have fun. We went to six flags in NJ with some family and friends; I went on the biggest, fastest, scariest, breathtaking, lung bursting, gut clenching rides ever!

My Sisters... NOT 1 roller coaster ride. We had fun in the park for hours; I got a really cute shirt as well w/ a ring as a souvenir. We also went shopping in Harlem, found something I've been looking for, for months. We also took a Yacht ride with my uncle b/c of the company he worked for.

Listen to this... So my uncle (heavy set, dark fella) Sponsored this event on the Yacht for patients that have recovered from Cancer, since we were coming to NY said that he asked to have some seats reserved for us as well. We arrived, met some other people and sat at our reserved table. (Mind you we didn't know what kind of event this was so we were a tad under dressed). While we were preparing to leave, some lady walks up to our table and says, "Excuse me, I'm sorry but these seats are reserved for Kathy". My uncle looks at her and doesn't say a word. My sisters and 2 of my uncles acquaintances advised we're aware of that. She walks off. The nerve of her... why didn't she just ask Kathy who the reserved seats were for and asked if we were THEM!

Anyways... NY was fun... we flew home, got in at 1.30am and again the cycle if life repeats.
The only new thing going on... My cousin DAVINA is here visiting for a Month so that should be UBER fun! We have a few things planned and birthdays coming up!

P.S. I lost all my DC and NY pics so...    :(  I will take a pic of what I do have and try to post it up.