Saturday, January 21, 2012

Its 2012

Its another prosporous year for my family! We've been blesed by the Almighty God and 2012 is now here continuing our manifold blessing. Well its now Janurary if most of you aren't aware we have quite a few interesting days coming up within this month!

The first of those many days shall begin with a Birthday Celebration for my niecey poo Miyah! Yes quite a few posts recently have been about her but today is her b-day!

My niece is now 'DD" (double digits), the big 10!!

Today her celebration was held at the all new American Doll  Store / Boutique / Restaraunt! Let me tell you the things people do for dolls o_0 She brought along 5 of her classmates from school. they all played with their dolls, had lunch with them and Mi also got to pick out a few things from the store!