Saturday, September 24, 2011

Quick Hello

Well someone wanted to say "Hello to the world". It's my daughter Sophia! LOL!!

We were taking pictures and she was jumping up on me!

*Quick Update* I'm rethinking my stance on moving! I know I am able to take care of myself financially but is it necessary? hmmm

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fall News and updates

Well Its September and lots are going on right now. Well we had a hectic beginning of the month with a few struggles here and there but we ALL have some sort of struggle in our life time and this just happened to be one of them.

In other news - I have decided to move out of my moms house and into an apartment for myself. I know it is a big move for me and its nothing that i've ever done before but its needed. Its my turn to tackle the world and i'm starting now! I'm still in school. Still working full time and plan to graduate next summer to move onto bigger and better things.

I am very excited about the move and have a lot of support from my associates. I guess this little bird is leaving the nest! I will have to leave behind my beloved puppy Sophie and my Palatino piano! I will be back for them though!

In additional news- My brother is officially a college student and he is working very hard in school and training. *PAT ON THE BACK*

Well thats it for Septembers updates! Its back to the rolling cycle of LIFE!